Abdominal massage has been taught at the Northern Institute since it was based in Manchester under the legendary Mr Harry Prince (1924-1955). Some of my contemporaries at the ‘Northern’ in Blackpool (1980s) were a bit tentative about performing/receiving abdominal massage but we mostly persevered and it became part of our normal menu of treatments with our patients.

Ken Woodward, the Principal at that time, extolled the benefits, particularly in relation to digestive upsets like bloating, reflux and constipation. I presume that most Remedial Massage practitioners still offer abdominal massage judging from positive responses to my inquiries to current practitioners on CPD days at NIM.

The benefits of abdominal massage include:

* gentle stimulation of the abdominal organs
* improvement in breathing via its effects on the rib cage and diaphram
* improving the digestive system as noted above
* relieves constipation and helps with detoxification of the body
* improves the circulation and lymphatic drainage of the abdominal area
* helps relieve strain on back muscles
* aids the relief of stress and lowers blood pressure in many people
* stretches the connective tissues of the abdomen and makes them more efficient
* brings about an improvement in posture
* may help give a flatter stomach

There was an interesting article in the Daily Mail recently that described abdominal massage and its benefits that reinforces the Northern Institute’s claims over the years about this branch of massage. It was interesting to read that it is now marketed as Visceral Osteopathy Technique (VOT) rather than Abdominal Massage.

Reference: “Can You Massage Away Your Muffin Top?” Daily Mail 31/07/2017

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August 2017