There are dozens of types of diseases that come into the field of arthritis and perhaps as many as 10,000,000 sufferers in the UK. Perhaps the best known are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis with osteoarthritis being the most common by far with approximately 8,000,000 cases.


Many cases probably go undiagnosed and are passed off as “aches and pains” encountered as people get older or as remnants of old sporting or work-related injuries. I used to have premises in Bolton a few doors away from an ex-Bolton Wanderers player of international experience. I was astonished to see how he had such difficulty in walking and sometimes depended upon a walking stick to get from his car to his premises, a distance of twenty yards.

I asked him about his condition and he told me about a series of injuries to both his knees and ankles and the treatments he received mainly by injections of analgesics and steroids over many years. At that time, in his early fifties, he was facing replacement surgery because of the osteoarthritis.

Juvenile Arthritis

I remember very vividly being asked to visit a young girl aged eleven who had been diagnosed with a form of arthritis know as Still’s disease or Juvenile Arthritis who was being treated at home and part of the treatment was traction of all four limbs for several periods each day. Her condition worsened and she was eventually transferred firstly to Manchester Royal Infirmary and then on to a specialist unit at a hospital in London. She eventually made a good recovery and today lives a normal life in the Manchester area.

Replacement Hip Surgery

One of our presenters at the Arthritis seminar at the end of January, Marie Caldwell, has had both of her hips replaced in recent times. Now, in her eightieth year, Marie, a former record breaking ultra distance runner, has resumed training with weights and with one hour jogging sessions three times a week. Her aim is to compete in a special 10K race in Bury in the September. If you wish to hear more about replacement surgery and recovery post surgery register for the seminar now: www.nim.co.uk or contact NIM : 0161 797 1800 for more information.

Some Lesser Known Variations of Arthritis

Also at this seminar, Colin Pearson will describe his encounter with Psoriatic Arthritis and Eddie Caldwell will present a description of the symptoms and treatment for PolyMyalgiaRheumatica (PMR) and an associated condition called Giant Cell or Temporal Arteritis.

As stated, there are very many types of Arthritis, some very common and some extremely rare. Most of these can be helped positively to help patients lead less painful and more effective lives with treatments by massage, exercise, electrotherapy, nutritional advice, essential oils and several other complementary treatments.

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