Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have an Open Day?

There is an Open Day on Saturday 20th June 10am-1pm.  Please ring or email to reserve your FREE place.

Our opening hours are:

9.30am - 4.00pm Saturday - Tuesday & Thursday
9.30am - 12.30pm Wednesday & Friday


If this  'Open Day' is not convenient then prospective students are encouraged to visit NIM anytime but please contact the Institute prior to your visit to make sure a tutor will be available to welcome you and answer your questions about the course.

I will be coming by car and I would like to know about parking facilities?

There is adequate FREE parking at the Northern Institute on Saturdays and Sundays and you will receive further information about car parking upon enrolment.

Do I have to come to Bury for my practical instruction?

Currently all practical classes are held at the Northern Institute in Bury thus, with the exception of students living in Ireland, you will be expected to attend at Bury. You will receive a full timetable of classes with your enrolment registration.

If you live in Ireland you may attend at either Cork or Londonderry depending upon which of the two is most convenient for you. Again, you will receive a timetable of classes when you are enrolling for your course.

What about Cork and Londonderry?

All students who wish to attend for practical classes at Cork or Londonderry will also be supplied with full information about travel, class dates and times, directions and suitable B&B accommodation by the individual Tuition Centres.

Where do I stay in Bury?

There are a number of good quality B&B and hotels within easy reach of the Northern Institute and we supply a full list of approved accommodation to students upon enrolment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance if you have any problems with accommodation. We will do our best to help you.


Can I get advice or help with any difficulties during my Course?

Yes you can get help and advice either by speaking to your tutor or a member of the Northern Institute staff whilst attending practical classes or you may contact us by phone, letter or email directly to a tutor or member of the administrative staff during the week. We offer every support and we will do our best to answer your queries immediately.

Irish students should seek advice from their tutors in either Londonderry or Cork regarding questions arising from the practical classes.

Not only do we offer help to students during the course but we offer support afterwards by means of a regular newsletter and a free help line for newly qualified practitioners. We also offer further training in the form of refresher days, short courses and seminars and advanced programmes of study, e.g. Sports Massage, Electrotherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, etc...

What do I wear for the practical classes?

You should wear smart, comfortable casual clothing for the first 5 days and you will be advised by your tutors about the required dress code for the rest of the course. The Institute requires that you wear professional clinical tunics or NIM polo shirts for classes from Day 5 onwards.

How long does the Course take?

Students are allowed up to eighteen months to complete the Remedial Massage Course.  However, none of us know what is round the corner and, if you fall victim to unforeseen or unusual circumstances, please contact us as quickly as possible and we will do our best to make special arrangements to enable you to complete the course to suit your individual circumstances.

How often do I have to attend?

The Remedial Massage Course is 20 days attendance at the Northern Institute of Massage in St. Mary's Place, Bury.

The Massage Therapy Course is 12 days attendance.

Other Questions

I need a CHANGE of CAREER - is the Diploma in Remedial Massage for me?

Our students are men and women aged between 18 - 80+ who want to re-train for a different career or a new hobby/interest. Usually, they are 'fed up' with their current jobs, feel in a rut and because of the flexibility of this Course, can study whilst carrying on in full/part-time employment.

The Theoretical side of the Course is undertaken at home, in your own time and posted back to N.I.M. for assessment.

How can I obtain a FREE PROSPECTUS?

In order to receive the Northern Institute's FREE prospectus, first class, please let us know your postal address via one of the four methods below:-

RING - 0161 797 1800
CLICK - 'Contact us'
WRITE - Northern Institute of Massage, 14 - 15 St Mary's Place, BURY, Greater Manchester, BL9 0DZ

Does the Northern Institute find jobs for Students?

The Northern Institute does not act as an employment agency but we often receive requests from organisations, hotels, sports asscociations and clubs as well as from practitioners in private practice for newly qualified therapists and, quite naturally, we recommend our own current and former students for such jobs.

The Diplomas awarded by the Northern Institute of Massage do not of themselves entitle you to put any letters after your name.  Membership of a professinal body does entitle you to use the designatory letters used by that body.  Membership of the National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists entitles the member to use NAMMT followed by the division of membership in brackets. e.g. NAMMT(RM) signifies that the member is qualified in Remedial Massage NAMMT (RMAdv) for Advanced Remedial Massage NAMMT (DipManTh) shows that the members is qualified in Manipulative Therapy.

Do I get any letters after my name on completion of the Course?

The Northern Institute does not grant any designatory letters but it trains its students to meet the criteria for membership of the professional bodies that represent massage therapists.  Therapists then use the designatory letters of their chosen professional association.  This is currently under review and, if there are any changes, our students will be the first to know!.

NIM students who join the National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists are entitled to use the following designatory letters after their name: Student Members: on letters Remedial Massage qualification: NAMMT(RM) Advanced Remedial Massage: NAMMT (RMAdv) Manipulative Therapy: NAMMT (DipManTh).

What is the minimum age for enrolment?

We do not normally enrol students under the age of eighteen.  However, we are prepared to consider the occasional exception where a younger person can show that they have the full support of parents or guardian or if they already work for an established therapist.

What happens if my studies are interrupted?

If, because of illness or some other unforeseen circumstances, your progress with the course should be unexpectedly affected, we will endeavour to reach a satisfactory solution.  Please let us know quickly if anything occurs to impede your progress and we will extend the duration of your course and advise you how best to complete the course and gain your Diploma. Our success has been built upon personal interest in each individual student.