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Welcome to another edition of SKILL BULLETIN and its array of news, Institute information and a selection of therapy reports, trends and developments.

This edition is being presented on our new website which we trust will meet with your approval and will also be available by e-mail and in hard copy by post once again. Many former students have requested that we revert back to the traditional presentation quoting, amongst others, that it affords an opportunity to sit back, read and relax.


  • A year of anniversaries at the Northern Institute; a review of events, people and changes during the last thirty years.

  • Reports from Ireland, both Cork and Derry, on the recent therapy examinations conducted by NIM examiners.

  • The Northern Institute’s on-line CPE modules refreshed; find out how you can use this facility to help with your CPE requirements and keep up to date with current developments in our therapy.

  • Information about the newly revised Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage for 2016.

  • Continuing Professional Education: CPE seminars for the Autumn


  • Professional association announcement: NAMMT AGM at Rochdale

  • News and thoughts about manual therapies in “From the Clinic”

  • Keeping in Touch – contacts with former students and their work.


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The examinations were held over two days (Saturday & Sunday) at IIPT and comprised students at Remedial Massage and Advanced Remedial levels (Years One & Two in Cork).

The examinations were supervised by Chris Caldwell (Principal of the Northern Institute) and Eddie Caldwell.

The standard of manual skills on display was very good and allied to very creditable theoretical knowledge. Four students only out of some forty plus candidates were referred to the September resit date.

The examiners thank the students for their welcoming and courteous reception and warmly commend Kieran Corcoran and his tutors, particularly Donal Twomey, for their expert tuition, and Pauline Harris for her well organised weekend in dealing with so many students.

Contact for course and CPE programme information:


The examinations for both Remedial and Advanced students took place on Sunday 2nd August at the premises on Balliniska Road under the watchful eye of Eddie Caldwell.

He reported that the students were very well prepared by Micky Kerr and particularly by Peter Finch. All of the students had completed their coursework modules and passed the written examinations previously and were keen to complete the course with style.

The standard of manual skills was very good especially so for the group of Advanced Students who worked in an attentive and relaxed manner and demonstrated their growing maturity as massage therapists.

The examiner stated that the students were very professional in their work yet created a caring and positive atmosphere in their clinical setting.

Out thanks to Micky and Gina, Peter and Jen for their welcome especially the Saturday evening meal which was enjoyed so much by Marie and Eddie: off-duty and informal!

Contact for courses and CPE information;

Northern Institute’s Observations

It is over twenty years since NIM’s collaboration with the two Irish schools commenced and it is so pleasing to see the immense progress made in terms of numbers and quality since the mid-1990s. Kieran and his colleagues (past and present) have made IIPT in Cork one of Ireland’s leading schools of physical therapies. Micky and Gina Kerr have worked with smaller groups of students over a similar period of time and have a waiting list of applicants for their advanced courses.

NIM thanks our valued Irish colleagues for their collaboration and partner ship over the years and wish us all a further twenty successful years.

P.S. We do have exams in England, too. In recent months these have included groups at various levels, including Massage Therapy, Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy with a group of Advanced students getting ready for October. As these occur more often we tend to publish results on our Facebook page and on the website


This year is quite a year for anniversaries for the “Northern” and for people connected with the Institute.

  • Chris Caldwell (Principal of the Northern Institute of Massage)

Firstly, the Principal, Chris Caldwell started at the “Northern” twenty years ago in January 1995 and successfully completed the Remedial Massage course. He worked in private practice for a number of years including a lengthy stint at the Merseyside School of Dance and Drama before joining the staff of the Northern Institute as a tutor. He became Principal of the Northern Institute in 2005 and continues to lead the team of tutors as well as maintaining his own private practice. This follows the long-standing tradition that all NIM tutors must also be in active practice so that whatever they teach the students has a solid basis in clinical experience and is not just regurgitated from a purely academic background or from books or DVDs!

  • The schools at Cork and Londonderry

Both of our sister schools in Ireland came into being twenty years ago in 1995; The Irish Institute for Physical Therapies at Cork and the Northern Ireland School of Massage at Londonderry/Derry. We offer our sincere congratulations to Kieran Corcoran (Cork) and Micky & Gina Kerr(Derry) on their successful venture in collaboration with the Northern Institute.

  • Our professional association (NAMMT)

Our professional association, the National Association for Massage & Manipulative Therapists (NAMMT)was founded in 2005 at the Northern Institute with Eddie Caldwell as the organising secretary swiftly followed by the election of a committee chaired by Mac Thacker of the Belper Back Pain Clinic. The Northern Institute sends its congratulation and best wishes to NAMMT upon its success and the excellent service it gives to its members and its esteemed position within the UK massage community.

  • NIM moved to Bury

The Institute moved from its Blackpool premises to St Mary’s Place Bury in 2000.

  • Change of ownership

Ownership of the Northern Institute passed from Ken & Audrey Woodward to Marie & Eddie Caldwell 20 years ago in 1995.

  • Eddie Caldwell

Finally, Eddie Caldwell celebrates thirty years as a practitioner. He remembers vividly the first day at the old premises in Blackpool with the rather formidable Ken Woodward as if it were yesterday. Time and people go by so quickly. Eddie became a tutor after a long stint in private practice in Bury and Bolton. He specialised in Sports Injury treatments before widening his scope and being a tutor on all three levels of the Northern Institute’s educational programmes. Nowadays he still treats patients and describes his role at NIM as “being on the bench” or called upon to cover for other tutors or fill in the occasional gaps! He enjoys the work, including editing SKILL BULLETIN since 1995 (another 20 year anniversary) and claims that everyday is still a learning day for him as well as for the students.


One of the better therapy books published in recent years was “Orthopaedic Massage” (2003) by Whitney Lowe. The section of most interest to us at the Northern Institute was the one in which he explained (and reinforced with research results) the principal effects of massage and manual therapy upon the patients who receive it.

Lowe highlighted: ‘Fluid Mechanics’; ‘Neuromuscular Effects’; ‘Connective Tissue Effects’; ‘Reflex Effects’; ‘Psychological Effects.’

Lets look just at Fluid Mechanics and the influence of massage treatment:

  • fluid mechanics and the removal of unwanted “debris”, replenishment of nutrients to deprived areas, encouraged blood flow into capillaries restricted by spasm and tightness and reduced oedema which in itself inhibits healing.

  • The best techniques stated were compressions and broadening, cross fibre techniques and effleurage movements

This was put to the test in recent times with two patients, both middle-aged men who had sustained fractures of fibula and tibia. Both men appeared for treatment within days of each other and both presented with very swollen legs on the limbs that had been injured. They complained of discomfort and an increase in swelling as each day went on. They were both some four weeks since the plaster casts were removed and had hoped to be fully recovered by now.

  • Treatment one: The first treatments given in both cases were, firstly, effleurage of the whole affected limb, followed by compressions and broadening which were included along with petrissage movements. Plenty of passive movements of the ankle with demonstrations of how to exercise actively including gentle stretches of the calf muscles. This was augmented, after a thorough cleaning to ensure good adhesion, by a K-Tape application to aid drainage from the leg.

(Treatment time was approximately 25 minutes).

  • Treatments two and three followed at four-day intervals and were of a similar pattern except the K-Tape was omitted after the second treatment as progress was satisfactory in both patients.

  • Treatment four: both men were keen to show how they now had ankles and lower legs of the same size; swellings had disappeared, discomfort gone and good movement restored.

Lowe was vindicated (with the exception of the K-Tape) and both patients were very pleased with good and quick results. The treatments were the ones that so many students learn during their very early stages on the Remedial Massage course; nothing complicated but very effective.

P.S A K Taping seminar with Colin Pearson will be announced very soon for late 2015 or early 2016.


I simply cannot believe how what seems to be clinical common sense can be hijacked by laboratory researchers and those who review the evidence.

I personally do not like this pursuit of evidence that is being thrust on us presently. I do not prove to my clients anything but results. No results, they don’t return. Now we see in the media that evidence is provided for this and for that then soon afterwards someone refutes it, or the peer review process is flawed or the evidence is biased, funded by an interest group/company, incorrectly delivered. Evidence is becoming like statistics – very flexible.

Just check the daily news on the internet for rushed, faked or flawed studies on everything from vaccines to cholesterol levels. ‘

Michael Howse, “MASSAGE THERAPISTS” Vol13 issue 3 Spring 2015”

(The Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists)

NIM Facebook recently showed an article about the use of Ice in treatments. It was a journalistic report on several recent projects and one of the references could not be traced to check its authenticity; a further project, on investigation, was done on mice and not humans and it was unclear whether the effects would transfer and be beneficial on human soft tissue injuries.(Editor).

External evidence can inform but can never replace individual clinical expertise – and it’s this expertise that decides whether the external evidence applies to the individual patient and, if so, how should it be integrated into a clinical decision. Good practitioners use both individual clinical expertise and the best available evidence and neither alone is enough.”

Dunning et al (2015)

This is reminiscent of some of the advice that older practitioners will remember, given by the likes of Stan Duncombe, Harry Hawes and Ken Woodward and still repeated on appropriate occasions during seminars at the Northern Institute. If your treatments are good and help your patients then you will be a busy practitioner regardless of what appears in the media. Word of mouth recommendations are the best form of attracting new patients to your treatment room.

What do you think? If you let us know at we’ll follow it up in the next issue of Skill Bulletin.



Worn Out Bodies” : A Non-Therapy Book!

In what seems like a previous and distant existence, Eddie Caldwell was a professional wrestler between 1966-1984 and he has just published his second book about his experiences as a grappler with descriptions of some of the personalities, events and places during that time, names like Jackie Mr TV Pallo, Adrian Street, Les Kellett, Billy Two Rivers and many others who grabbed the headlines at the time.

There is also an account of injuries and treatments suffered by him and other wrestlers hence the title “Worn Out Bodies”. It’s available on Amazon but much cheaper if you order from NIM. £6.00 plus £2.00 P&P if you want it by post. This offer is available to NIM students, past and present and will end when dwindling stocks run out.

Sorry, no CPE credits for this either!

SUI GENERIS – a History of the Northern Institute of Massage”

We still have some copies of this remarkable history of the Northern Institute which was published to celebrate our 90th Anniversary last year. Lavishly illustrated, the history traces our development from the first location in Manchester with Harold Prince through to the Blackpool era with the Woodwards, Ken and Audrey and, latterly the move to Bury in 2000.

There are features on past and present students, especially the ones who went on to great success within the profession like Professor Laurie Hartman and photos and features of many of the distinguished tutors and visiting presenters, Dr Myk Hungerford, Stan Duncombe, Grace Halliday, Professors Graham Smith and Len Goldstone, Harry Hawes and Keith Brimelow amongst them

Who was “Daddy” Whittle? What is the earliest surviving NIM document? Where is Cocker Square? Do you remember Mona? The answers are all in the book.

It is a very good and informative read that reminds us of the distinguished history and part played by the Northern Institute since 1924 and, of course, full of items about the Institute and the people who have made it what it is over the years.

Contact us for availability: a special offer for the last few copies @ £5 including P&P


An Inspirational Visitor

We had an unusual visitor today: she was introduced to us by a local volunteer who accompanied her to inquire about the “Taster Day” in September. She is a native of Ethiopia who, along with her husband and four children, had spent 16 years in a refugee camp in Kenya and the family has just managed to get the necessary documents to come to and settle in the UK.

She brought with her a certificate in Alternative Healing which included Massage, awarded in the Refugee Camp after completing a course run by the Jesuit Refugee Services. She wants to do our Remedial Massage course so she can work: as simple as that! To work and support her family.

She demonstrated some of her techniques briefly on staff members and she was very good and confident in her work. We look forward to welcoming her back next month: a humbling encounter with a remarkable lady full of hope and endeavour after so long in a refugee camp.


We held a “Taster Day” at the Northern Institute in July which was very well attended, enjoyed by those who came along and resulted in several enrolments for the various courses.

So much so, that we are holding another event on Saturday 19th September: 10.00 am – 1.00pm. It is intended for beginners, that is people with no experience of but an interest in massage.

  • An introduction by the Principal to the Northern Institute and our courses

  • A demonstration of basic massage techniques by tutors

  • The opportunity to “have a go”

  • Tutors available for ‘one-to-one’ discussion about all things related to massage and our courses

  • A generous discount off basic course fees for any of the attendees who register with us

If you know of anyone, relation or friend who would be interested in attending this event please pass on the information. We give vouchers, redeemable against the cost of CPE days to any former student who recommends a prospective student who then registers for one of the basic Massage courses. Well worth claiming against the expenses of a seminar! THE NEXT ONE WILL BE HELD IN THE NEW YEAR

For more information please contact us on:

0161 797 1800

The Northern Institute of Massage is accredited by NAMMT ( which is a full members of the General Council for Massage Therapies (

The Northern Institute is recognised by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council ( through its accreditation by NAMMT. All courses (unless specifically stated) meet the National Occupational Standards adopted by GCMT .

All NIM tutors are fully insured to teach and are practising therapists with their own clinics or practices. This has, for very many years, always been a corner-stone of NIM’s policy with regard to tutors and visiting guest presenters in the best interests of our students.

* * * *




The Mercure Norton Grange Hotel, Castleton, Rochdale OL11 2XZ


It’s always good to hear from former students and to find out how they are progressing in their careers.

We had an unexpected but very welcome phone call very recently from Oliver McAtamney who lives in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. Oliver’s career dates back some forty years when he used to commute from his home to Blackpool for his courses at the Northern Institute.

He built up a very successful practice in Portadown until his retirement several years ago. Oliver was a popular figure at the Northern Institute and at conferences at Blackpool where he was always very supportive of our aims.

He presented several seminars for us, all of which were memorable for their content based upon his clinical experiences. He was an expert at assessing and diagnosing people simply by how they walked and how their clothing fitted them and he used to demonstrate this skill to our students by way of introducing his workshops. It was quite remarkable to watch and he was always 100% accurate. He was pleased to receive his copy of “Sui Generis – a History of the Northern Institute” which, he said evoked many happy memories of people and places and good times at the Northern Institute. (“Sui Generis” is still available from NIM – a special offer @ £5 including P&P)

Lisa Welch contacted us from Inverness during an enforced lay-off from clinical duties due to knee surgery. She reported favourably about her practice and discussed possible future plans which, if they come to fruition, will be of great interest and will be reported in the next issue of Skill Bulletin.

Another Scottish practitioner, Alex Patterson, contacted us to find out more about our professional association NAMMT and insurance cover. He has moved to a new practice in Pittenweem, a lovely fishing village in Fife and is enjoying his work there. The Fife area is quite beautiful with plenty of coastline and Alex is near to our friends Ralph Hunter and his team at Therapy Works in Windygates just a few miles up the road.

Perhaps our most interesting visitor this year has been Tomo Kohno, a director of Major Trainers Inc. in Tokyo. He presented two 2-day workshops that demonstrated his company’s massage techniques. He was a very active tutor and showed his clinical skills to great advantage. The therapists who attended all commented very favourably about the seminars and how much they had learned that could be added to their current skills. We hope Tomo will be back next year for a further workshop at which he will pass on even more of his techniques. He is very busy early each year with pre-season therapy for several major league baseball teams in USA and he has much to offer practitioners who work with sports people as well as members of the general public.

Not quite a former student, we were pleased to welcome Victoria Hardman from Austria. She is a former Bury woman who has married, lived and trained in Austria and was on a visit to relatives in the town, called in to see us. She is in full-time practice and we had an interesting discussion about the education & training of massage practitioners in both countries. She intends to register for a seminar at NIM next time she comes over to Lancashire.

Kevin Monaghan, a student from our Blackpool days, is in practice in Southport and has contacted us to offer the opportunity of some massage experience with his local rugby club. An offer we have accepted with gratitude and we hope to send some of our sports orientated students/ therapists to his rugby club for clinical experience.


(For course information at the Irish Institute for Physical Therapies in Cork and the Northern Ireland School of Massage please refer to their websites:

DIPLOMA IN SPORTS THERAPY: a final opportunity to take this course and gain the prestigious diploma validated by the Society of Sports Therapists

We are taking registrations for what, regretfully, will be the very last Sports Therapy Diploma at the Northern Institute. This is due to the Society of Sports Therapists endeavours for regulation with the HPC and an all-graduate profession. CLOSING DATE 22nd SEPTEMEBER – LATE ENTRIES STILL MAY BE ACCEPTED – RING/EMAIL FOR FURTHER DETAILS.

Please note that all students for this final course will have their future status fully protected by the Society (see the information from Professor Graham Smith, Chairman of the Society of Sports Therapists which accompanies our information pack).

Practical module dates: 5/6th December 2015 (All Saturdays and Sundays)

12/13th March 2016

18/19th June 2016

3/4th September 2016

3/4th December 2016

21/22nd January 2017

Course fees: £2,700 payable at the time of registration. Please contact Rachel Pennington if you would like to arrange a more flexible payment plan for this course. 0161 797 1800

The course tutors: The course tutors are all very well qualified and clinically experienced sports therapists and registered members of the Society of Sports Therapists.



The Masterclass in Manipulative Therapy” leading to the award of the Northern Institute’s highest academic accolade, The Diploma with Honours in Manipulative Therapy.

This course takes up from where the Manipulative Therapy diploma course left off… some revision of previous knowledge and then on to innovative technique work under the supervision of Micky Kerr DO of Londonderry. There are some different approaches to head and neck work, plenty of spinal manipulative advances and techniques for major peripheral joints.

CPE hours credit: Face-to-face instruction 42 hours plus any follow-up work you may undertake.

Course fee: £800 payable at the time of registration

Dates of seminars: 10/11th October 28/29th November 6/7th March


The new course will start in February 2016 in a changed format, the principal modifications are that it will be a modular diploma with an amount of retrospective credits given selected from a list of CPD seminars undertaken at the Northern Institute in the last two years, that is, from January 2014. This will help in both terms of finances and time and save over-repetitions of attendances for the same subject matter. Examples of the credits would include seminars listed below:

  • Professor Smith’s Spinal seminars from 2014

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • Electrotherapy

  • The Troublesome Hip

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • Positional Release Therapy

  • Introduction to Sports Injuries, etc

Seminar attendances

You may attend seminars on a one-by-one basis, you pay for your attendances as you go along rather than paying a large up-front fee as has been the practice in recent years. For example, if the Knee Joint seminar is scheduled for April you pay for it only when you register your attendance rather than paying for all seminars in advance.

The theoretical course

The four theoretical modules have been modified to keep up to date with current developments and research in the field of manual therapy and to give students a fuller and wider understanding of our therapy. Payment for the theoretical modules is due upon registration for the course.


The course will be examined by (1) Your theoretical coursework (2) A 3 hour written examination (3) An assessment of your manual skills by an external examiner. Successful completion of all three components will make students eligible for the award of the Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage.


The Institute is exploring the possibility of an extra module to include aspects of sports injuries, massage and therapy with outside partners (as has been the case with Sports Rehab & Education and the Society of Sports Therapists) and to offer those who pursue this direction a diploma reflecting Advanced Remedial Massage and Sports Massage/Therapy. As you can imagine, there is a lot of discussion yet to take place about the viability of such a qualification.

You may register your interest in such a course without obligation and it will help us measure interest for February.



September Saturday 12th: “The Troublesome Hip” Eddie Caldwell

An active day with massage, mobilisations & stretching, trigger points, taping and electrotherapy techniques. £90

October Sunday 4th “Introduction to Sports Injuries and their Management” with 2 tutors – Paul Bradford, Sports and Physiotherapist (former Hull KR) and Eddie Caldwell (former England athletics teams). Designed for the newer therapist with an interest in sports men and women and their injuries. £90


A special opportunity to revise and build upon your back treatments offered by Dawn Bennett who makes a guest appearance at NIM as a change from her more usual capacity as an external examiner. £90 (£80 in paid online!)

Saturday 24th “Positional Release Therapy” with Shaun Pennington. A gentle, non-invasive therapy that will complement and enhance your Remedial Massage. Open to all Remedial Therapists. £90

Sunday 25th : “Pain Relief: Theory & Practice” with Eddie Caldwell

How to achieve a better measure of pain relief with your patients based on 30 years clinical experience and drawing upon a number of different modalities, eg massage, neuro-muscular techniques, electrotherapy, essential oils, nutrition, K-Taping and more. £90

Saturday & Sunday 31st October/1st November

“NECK INJURY: THE CERVICAL SPINE” with Professor Graham Smith

Open to all Remedial Therapists: 2-days £200

November Saturday 14th “Baby Massage & Massage for Pregnancy” with Caroline Arnold BSc(Hons)a midwife and Mum. £90 with £25 discount if you bring a baby!

Sunday 29th “ NIM’s seasonal special !”

Have you attended a course or a seminar at NIM during 2015? If you have you may claim a 50% discount for this seminar at which you get 2 different presentations on the same day: £45 only if eligible for the discount!

9.30: “ About Dementia and the Sufferers” What is it? How does it manifest? hoH do we manage the individual? Can we offer a positive intervention? Presented by Jan MacFarlane (Lecturer, Bolton University)

1.00 : “ Those ‘Little Magic Touches’ to help your patients ”

A demonstration of invaluable quality techniques to add to your standard techniques: for backs, hips, shoulders, knees and feet. Eddie Caldwell will show some of his ‘secret’ ways and means of treating patients in pain and discomfort.

For anyone who hasn’t attended previous seminars in 2015 then the price is the usual £90.

Have a look at the Northern Institute’s on-line Continuing Professional Education opportunities provided in association with YonYonson Digital Design:

  • This facility is designed for those who have difficulty travelling to college and fulfilling CPE requirements which are increasingly demanded by professional associations and insurance companies

  • It is easy to use – give it a try and register for free

  • Receive a free tutorial for registering

  • Each subject carries specific CPE hours that you may claim on your annual return to your professional association. Many of the modules have optional follow-up assignments for you to complete

  • Certificate of module completion is awarded by the Northern Institute of Massage

  • The theoretical modules for the Advanced Remedial Massage course will be available for those who register for the course, thus avoiding the inconvenience and cost of postage back and forth to the Institute

  • Each module has guidance about suitability, that is, suitable for Remedial Massage student, practitioner, Sports Therapists, Manipulative Therapists

The On-line Modules Currently Available

Stress: the psychology of stress and the physiological consequences of prolonged stress: research about massage and how it can help: how to treat the patient. There is an accompanying short video presentation with this module. Suitable for all student and practitioners alike.

The Therapist and the Law: an increasingly pertinent and important aspect of being a massage therapist. How the law applies to your duty of care to your patients; public and product liability; malpractice and damages; qualifications and advertising; professional associations and standards and several other aspects of how the law can affect you, the therapist. Suitable for all students and practitioners alike.

Setting Up in Practice: guidelines and advice about how to make your massage practice a successful one. This module reinforces and supplements what is taught in classes at the Northern Institute and covers many topics of importance, for example: booking appointments, advertising and targeting your potential clients effectively, procedures to follow, domiciliary work, insurance and membership of a professional association, giving a talk about massage, writing articles for your local newspaper. In other words this module is packed with information that will make you successful in your massage treatments, get you more clients and increase your practice income.

Suitable for students and new practitioners especially.

Low Back Pain: in addition to the basic back treatments studied on the Remedial Massage course, this module seeks to extend your treatment options for patients with low back pain. This is accompanied by video demonstrations featuring NIM tutors, Dawn Bennett and Eddie Caldwell.

Suitable for practitioners, especially the recently qualified.

The Benefits of Traction Movements in Massage Treatments: an explanation, indications and contraindications with video demonstrations of various traction techniques to accompany, to enhance, your massage treatments. This often forgotten element of treatment will benefit your patients whatever their problems, e.g. backs, necks, shoulders, hips or knees. Suitable for all practitioners.

Evidence-based Practice: this is an extensive examination of research methods and reliability with special reference to massage treatments and their effectiveness with examples of how massage has been shown to be beneficial for so many conditions from Dementia patients, to hyperactive children, low back pain, pregnancy and newborn babies, musculo-skeletal injuries, hospital and hospice patients, treatment of headaches. Arthritis in its various forms, stress and many others.

You will find reliable research to reinforce your treatments for so many conditions. This module has been produced by David and Charlotte McGuinness of YonYonson Digital Design who have also designed and set up this on-line project. Suitable for all.

  • Open your account

  • Claim your free module

  • Try one of the other modules: watch & read the module, complete the optional section and NIM will send you a certificate of completion for whichever option you choose

  • Payment instructions are on-line for you. Each module is £20.


New topics will be added, e.g. Ligaments and Tendons, How to help relieve patient’s pain with massage and allied modalities, Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice and the other modules will be revised periodically, e.g. Evidence-based Practice.

Please have a look at the site

  • Open your free account and receive a complimentary module.

  • It is a convenient, interesting and economically sensible way of fulfilling some of your CPE requirements

  • It will broaden your understanding of massage therapy and provide interesting study that you can do at home or during a long journey, even relaxing on the veranda of your holiday villa!


YonYonson Digital Design is based in Plymouth and is owned by two former students, Charlotte and David McGuinness. They offer several services to massage therapists including web design to your specification and software materials for patient record keeping. Have a look at their website, too.

Contact: David & Charlotte 07776 252539


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Enrolments for the LAST Sports Therapy Course are currently being taken. Numbers are limited so please contact NIM asap to secure your place. For an overview, please click on the link below.

For full details to be posted out to you, please complete the following form or email

Alternatively, telephone 0161 797 1800 for any further information.


After completing the four days, Students will receive a Certificate of Attendance and will possess the basic knowledge to be able to informally practise on friends and family. Should Students decide they would like to become Massage Therapists and work professionally with insurance then they will be able to carry on with their studies to complete the Diploma in Massage Therapy and/or Diploma in Remedial Massage.


Registrations for the above two Courses are currently being taken. The next Practical Weekend start date is Saturday 10th October 2015. For a prospectus or any further details, please contact the office or website.


The next free massage ‘Taster’ day is Saturday 19th September, 10am – 1pm for anyone interested in massage but has no previous experience. If you have any friends/family who would like to attend please pass on the information which is also on the website.

There will be an opportunity to watch a massage demonstration, a chance to try the techniques and, if required, a one-to-one discussion with a tutor. All attendees will receive a discount voucher towards one of the basic massage courses and free tea & biscuits!

Booking is essential as places are limited. Please ring 0161 797 1800 or email to register for your FREE place.


The metered bays outside NIM are no longer free on a Sunday. However, there is no time restriction and the cost is £1.


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As well as the usual polo shirts, we have warm hooded tops (£25 + p&p) and thick fleece jackets (£30+ p&p) available to order. They are navy blue with the white & royal blue NIM logo. All sizes. Please ring the office or click on


The Northern Institute’s second website is dedicated to the supply of on-line instructional materials to NIM students and to all massage and manipulative practitioners and sports therapists.

Please register now: it is free to register and it will enable you to look at what is currently available as CPE modules. Plus there is a free module available to all who register.


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