ISSUE NO: 220 JUNE 2017


Welcome to the current edition of SKILL BULLETIN.

I have been personally involved with the Northern Institute for 24 years as a student, a Tutor, a Director of Northern Institute of Massage Ltd and, for the last twelve years as the Principal of ‘The Northern.’

Rachel Pennington has similarly been involved for about the same period of time principally in the roles of Administrative and Financial Director. However, our tenures are dwarfed by the input of Eddie and Marie Caldwell.

All good things must come to an end and, as such, we have taken the decision to put the Northern Institute up for sale. This decision has not been taken lightly but it does give Marie and Eddie the chance to enjoy retirement and myself and Rachel the opportunity to persue other goals.

Throughout the process of finding a buyer, the future of the Institute will be at the forefront of our minds and all our students, old and new, can be assured that we aim to leave the ‘Northern’ in safe hands for years to come.

For the time being I would like to thank all our extended Northern Institute Family for their loyalty and support over the years and I hope this extends to any new owners at some point in the future. In the short term it is very much “Business as Usual” and we are looking forward to a busy second half of 2017.

We will keep you informed and up to date of all developments via our website on Facebook and by our e-mail lists.

Chris Caldwell



Ian Garside, a former NIM student, has marketed his sciatic cushion with some very encouraging feed-back. I have used the cushion (which he generously sent to me) on four patients suffering with sciatica and all four have reported relief from pain, for example, when sitting on hard dining chairs and driving their cars. This period of relief allows for further examination and treatment and the cushion is a valuable aid to treatment. Check Ian out on NIM’s Facebook page for more information. 0333 4440773

Several of our therapists have enlisted with WELEDA as consultants and stock their products. Gill Smith (Helmshore) raised a lot of money for the people affected by the Manchester bombing, one of whom is a close friend of her daughter and, as we write, is still in hospital. Gill offered her products for sale with her percentage going to the fund. This is running into several hundreds of pounds already. Weleda also sent a complimentary selection of products to the bombing patients’ ward at the Manchester Children’s Hospital; much welcomed by the girls who we saw on TV in conversation with Her Majesty the Queen.

(Weleda Arnica Massage Balm was one of the first products I ever used for massage upon qualifying at the Northern 30+ years ago and it is still my product of choice for massaging sports people’s tired legs!)

Talking about oils, I have purchased my own supplies over many years from Whiterose Oils, based in Hull. I recommend them to students at NIM because they give first rate service, do not charge exorbitant prices and only sell therapeutic grade oils.


Our very good friend, James Parsons (Market Drayton) contacted us very recently to inform us that, after ten years, he has given up his full-time job in farming and he has become a full-time therapist. Known to us at NIM as “Mr Cluck Cluck” because of his great interest in hens, he has been one of our best students and is rapidly earning a reputation in his area as an outstanding practitioner. Our best wishes for your continuing success, James!

Yon Yonson, run by David and Charlotte McGuinness, is closing down operations due to illness and other commitments. will continue for the immediate future. We would like to thank David and Charlotte for their invaluable help over the past few years and wish a return to full good health to David.

We received a lovely letter from Cherie Darley who completed her final exams recently. She has acted on advice and guidance from her tutors and with the letter she enclosed a very eye-catching and attractive flyer for her clinic and an ‘advertorial’ in her local Northallerton Infocus magazine and she even included NIM and NAMMT. Looks great Cherie and every best wish for future success in your practice from all at NIM.

Our good friend Alan Elliott has retired from the Forest Fitness Centre at Cinderford after many years of work that has upgraded the centre from a small local gym to an institution recognised as an outstanding venue for health and fitness. Alan and his wife Barbara have both been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen by an award to the Centre and a visit by Princess Anne AND an MBE awarded to Alan for his services to the health of the whole area in which he has worked for so long. His work as a therapist will continue for many more years.

Alan has also been an outstanding tutor for the Northern Institute presenting many seminars and courses mainly focussed on Exercise Therapy and its enormous value alongside massage and manipulative treatments. Always a lively presenter, Alan ran and hosted NIM courses at the centre and, of course, made many visits to NIM at Bury. On behalf of everyone who has drawn inspiration and benefit from Alan’s knowledge and experience we wish him every success and happiness for the future.

NIM tutor, Shaun Pennington, did a presentation at one of McCarthy Stones retirement apartment developments and had a very good reception from his audience. Most 0ver 60s have some form of a usually chronic condition. Shaun explained what Remedial Massage is and what it can help with. Most frequently asked questions involved arm and wrist pain (carpal tunnel, arthritis and referred pain featured), knee pain (usually involving osteo-arthritis), neck and shoulder pain and restricted range of movement. Part of our advice at the end of the Remedial Massage Course is to go out and speak about your work and answer questions from potential patients. It often leads to an increase in patients! Have a try at this form of developing good public relations and raising the profile of massage.

One of our patients (and an old school friend of Rachel Pennington), John McLoughlin, has recently published a book about his career as a body builder – he’s an ex-Mr Universe! It’s a very good read from many aspects; personal struggles, the social aspect of his experiences both as a body builder and a night club bouncer but may well appeal to those who exercise with weights or are body builders. Living the Nightmare: Becoming the Dream” £12.99 available on Amazon.


Examinations go on with some regularity at the Northern; we had a Remedial Massage final exam last weekend on 3rd June. However we also examine students at other schools and colleges that participate in the Northern Institute’s programmes.

Northern Ireland (NISM)

Examinations for Remedial and Advanced Remedial Massage students at the Northern Ireland School of Massage will take place at the school on the weekend of 7/8th July

The NISM is run by Micky and Gina Kerr.

The external examiner on this occasion will be Chris Caldwell, Principal of NIM.

Inverness Scotland (HSM)

There are two dates for examination at Highland School of Massage, Inverness: Wednesday 5th July and Wednesday 4th October: the July date being for Advanced Remedial students and the October date for Remedial candidates. Lisa Welsh runs this new college in the north of Scotland and the examiner on these two first occasions will be Eddie Caldwell.

Cork Ireland (IIPT)

Again there are two exam dates at the Irish school in Cork under the leadership of Kieran Corcoran: 24th June and 26th August.

We are looking forward to visiting the impressive new premises for the first time.

Moderators; Marie & Eddie Caldwell.



The most recent exam at the Northern Institute in Bury was the first weekend in June and the 12 successful students were examined by our external examiner, Mrs Dawn Bennett,who commented on the very high standard of manual skills and patient handling of all students. Very well done to the successful candidates.

In passing, we comment upon the remarkable achievement of Esme Anderton aged only 16 years and the daughter of former student and now very successful practitioner, Terry Anderton (West Yorkshire). Jacob Tonkin, too, did very well according to the examiner. Jacob’s mum, Aila, is also a former student of ours. Parental influence in both cases, no doubt!


ITEC originally concerned itself with Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing and allied professions. It is an international examining board that operates in a number of countries.

Over time it began to incorporate complementary therapies and sport massage, e.g. Levels 4 & 5 Certificates in Sports Massage were added as recently as 2015. ITEC has wide recognition both in the UK and overseas.

The following information is based on ITEC’s own website:

Level Three Massage Certificate: this is a basic course that covers body massage with some anatomy/physiology, contraindications to massage, health and safety etc.

Level Four Sports Massage Certificate: this course is similar in content to NIM Remedial Massage Diploma and would be suitable for NAMMT membership. The course started in 2015.

Level Five Sports Massage Certificate: again, this is similar to NIM’s Remedial course and with more emphasis on sports people and their problems. Suitable for NAMMT membership. This course, according to the website, started two years ago.

NIM’s Sports Therapy Diploma course is supplied by Professor Graham Smith and Sports Rehab & Education of Glasgow and accredited by the Society of Sports Therapists and was accepted as the equivalent of first year university level by Teesside University for applicants to their BSc (Hons) part-time degree.

* This information is given in response to many inquiries over the years about ITEC levels and how it fits in with NIM’s courses, for example when applying for NIM’s Advanced courses. Further information is available on ITEC’s own website.


We have dealt with Whiterose Oils (based in Hull) for many years and we have always received very prompt and efficient service from Des, Sue and colleagues. They supply excellent quality essential and carrier oils plus a range of accessories at very reasonable prices. The descriptions about each oil are very useful and serve as a good guide if you are unsure when ordering. Telephone: 01482 642742

THE MAGIC OF MASSAGE” The Mail on Sunday 11/06/2017

The Mail on Sunday published an eight page supplement about “The Magic of Massage”. It was a good, informative read that outlined many of the benefits of massage and how people (“You and Your Partner”) could use massage techniques to enhance both their health and relationships by giving and receiving massage.

One or two of the techniques described were either very new or a little obscure but in the main it should help stimulate interest in massage and perhaps encourage more people to make appointments with professional massage therapists.

The emphasis, quite rightly, was upon massage for relaxation and the use of essential oils. That is part of the treatment of injuries and conditions as we are fond of quoting Hippocrates that the healing process really starts when the patient is able to relax in mind and body.

I did not care for the small section about five of the best massage gadgets but I’m not a great fan of such things. It put me in mind of Dr Myk Hungerford, the American Sports Massage specialist, who came to NIM about 25 years ago. She wore a polo shirt with the logo “There is no substitute for the human touch”. At break time (commercial that is, not refreshment) she opened a case of such gadgets and began to sell them to the students!!

This was an interesting supplement and should encourage interest in massage. It is in association with a book on the subject:

The Illustrated Guide to Massage and Aromatherapy by Catherine Stuart.

(Published by Southwater £11.99)


Just published in the June edition of “MASSAGE TODAY”, an interesting report of on the benefits of massage and its effects on high blood pressure. There was a significant difference in recorded blood pressures between two groups of patients over a period of 10 weeks in which one group had Swedish Massage of back, neck and shoulders three times a week for 15 minutes. The control group had similar sessions of relaxation mainly by breathing exercises.

The start average BP for the massage group was 128/81 and the final average was 116/76. The control group average was 129/81 and hardly varied at the final reading.

This tends to confirm what many of us have suspected for some time: massage is beneficial for patients with hypertension. Keep the patient’s GP informed and take advice in individual cases.


The schools at Cork and Inverness will be publicising their programmes for future courses and seminars shortly.

The Northern Ireland School of Massage at Londonderry is already accepting students for its courses in Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapy and further information is available from their website and on Facebook.

The Irish Institute for Physical Therapies at Cork have courses at various levels for September. See their website:

The Highland School of Massage at Inverness will also be publishing course and seminar dates in the next few weeks. We will publish on our website and on Facebook when they become available.

CPD seminars at Bury for second half of 2017

July 8th Introduction to Electrotherapy with Eddie Caldwell. SPECIAL SUMMER PRICE – £75

This includes a seminar booklet and certificate of attendance.

July 9th Foot and Ankle Injuries with Paul Bradford. £100

Paul is a Physiotherapist and a Sports Therapist. He runs two clinics in Hull and has connections with rugby league, a women’s soccer team and Halifax Town FC. He’s an expert on this subject!

August 12th Little Magic Touches” SPECIAL SUMMER PRICE – £75

those little extra techniques that enhance your skills and produce good results for your patients. Presented by Eddie Caldwell.

9th September  “K-Taping” with expert Colin Pearson. £100.

Colin is an amazing practitioner of the art of taping!

14th & 15th October  Sports First Aid: 2-days with Alan Stewart, Sports Therapist. £200


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